Experimental Jewelry Laboratory

An experimental jewelry laboratory was established at the Gosznak Research Institute in 1965. In 1970 it was transferred to the State Depository of Valuables (Gokhran).

Jeweler Natalya Rostovtseva headed the laboratory for nine years and in 1974 she was succeeded by jeweler Vladimir Sitnikov. Gradually a team of five jewelers was formed and the laboratory operated until 2000.


In the photo, from left to right: Gennady Aleksakhin, Boris Ivanov, Vladimir Zhilin, Vladimir Sitnikov, Viktor Nikolaev.

Jewelers of the 20th – 21st centuries

Vladimir Sitnikov was the chief jeweler and research consultant of the Experimental Jewelry Laboratory of Gokhran
Viktor Nikolaev was the only one master of the Experimental Jewelry Laboratory of Gokhran with the right to brand his works with his initials "NV.
Gennady Aleksakhin invented a new setting method that presents an unusual view of the gemstones’ beauty and his mastery gave the stunning life-size Diamond Rose brooch its depth and unique style. His works were exhibited in the United States, Belgium, Israel and Japan.
Boris Ivanov made some incredible platinum earrings with rubies and diamonds based on drawings of Vladimir Sitnikov. He helped to restore several outstanding items of the Diamond Fund collection, including the Imperial regalia and the Great Imperial Crown.
Vladimir Zhilin created his works using the best traditions of the old jewelers. He also restored several historical jewelry sets. His restoration of the Large Bouquet was considered to be unique.