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Boris Vasilievich

Jeweler restorer Boris Ivanov worked in the Gokhran of Russia since 1970. The major scientific and creative achievement of the master was restoration of historical jewelry from the Diamond Fund of Russia carried out jointly with other jewelers and restorers from the Experimental Laboratory of the Gokhran of the USSR in 1983-1985. Restoration involved Small Imperial Crown, Orb, Field Marshal's Baton, Brooch with a historical emerald. Boris Ivanov also created miniature replicas of the Russian Imperial regalia: the Scepter and the Orb made of gold and platinum with diamonds, which were characterized with unsurpassed craftsmanship. The master created really unique pieces of jewelry, such as Bouquet of Cornflowers Brooch, Necklace with diamonds and emeralds, as well as necklaces and earrings in the Festive Firework, Spring and Summer sets.

To mark the opening of the Diamond Fund exhibition Boris Ivanov and Gennady Aleksakhin created the Cosmos ring and a platinum necklace, impressive for its originality.

The greatest modern jeweler created these masterpieces not from soft silver and gold customary for jewelers of the past, but from platinum, which is extremely difficult to work with. Boris Ivanov became one of the first Russian jewelers, who mastered the technique of working with platinum. Boris Ivanov was a jury member of three jewelry competitions organized by the Gokhran of Russia, and in 2014 he headed the jury of the "Russia. 21st Century" contest. His works of modern jewelry art were exhibited at exhibitions in the USA, Belgium, Israel, Japan.

By Decree No. 447 of the President of the Russian Federation of June 23, 2014, Ivanov was awarded the Order of Honor.

Works of the master