Second half of the 18th century

The dominant position in jewelry of this period was taken by diamonds. Jewelry of the second half of the 18th century is characterized with a tendency to use only light stones set in silver so that they look pure and colorless. Preference for white diamonds was not only due to changing fashion, but to the fact that by that time the jewelers had perfectly mastered the cutting technique and could highlight the beauty of a diamond. No wonder this period in the history of the Russian jewelry art is called "the diamond age."

An interesting item is the so-called Porte bouquet (Bouquet Holder) made about 1770: The gold flower stems covered with green enamel are tied with an elegant diamond ribbon and a soft bow with loose ends at the top. The jewel is hollow inside and it was used as a miniature vase for fresh flowers. It was filled with water and fastened to the corsage of a ceremonial dress with a special pin.

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