Crown Jewels

The treasures of the Diamond Fund, which made the collection world-famous, include a special group of items used during the coronations and other special occasions, which were designed to demonstrate glory and wealth of the Empire. The Diamond Fund collection includes Great Imperial Crown, Small Imperial Crown, Scepter, Orb, Buckle-Clasp, Big Chain and Star of the Order of St. Andrew. All these jewels are presented at the exhibition.

The Great Imperial Crown was created for the coronation of Empress Catherine II in 1762. It was made by court jeweler Georg Friedrich Eckart and diamond craftsman Jeremiah Posier just within 2.5 months. The crown is decorated with 4,936 diamonds (total weight of 2,858 carats) and 75 large Indian matte pearls; one of the most famous gems is a spinel weighing 398.72 carats. The Crown is really amazing due to its perfect craftsmanship and beauty.

The Diamond Fund collection includes the Orb made for the coronation of Empress Catherine II by court jeweler G.F. Eckart. It is a smoothly polished golden globe surrounded with diamond belts. The Orb is topped with a cross and decorated with a Ceylon sapphire weighing 195 carats.