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Gennady Fedorovich

Gennady Alexakhin began to work in the Gokhran of the USSR as jewelry designer and restorer of the Diamond Fund exhibits in 1970. His bright professional individuality manifested itself in the choice of his jewelry specialization as a mounter, whose quality of work contribute to the birth of highly artistic jewelry. From 1983 to 1985 jewelers Gennady Aleksakhin, Viktor Nikolaev, Boris Ivanov and Vladimir Zhilin under the guidance of the main designer of the Experimental Jewelry Laboratory of the Gokhran of the USSR Vladimir Sitnikov carried out the most complicated restoration of historical valuables of the Diamond Fund. Thousands of diamonds were checked and fixed. They sparkled with renewed vigor in decorations, old jewelry and coronation regalia – Great Imperial Crown, Scepter and Orb. Currently, all the masterpieces of modern jewelry art, exhibited at the Diamond Fund were recreated by Gennady Aleksakhin. Among his works are such unique pieces of jewelery as Diamond Rose and Plastron, Russian Field Diadem, Russian Beauty Diadem, Elegy Diadem, Evening Necklace and many others. Gennady Alexakhin was one of the first jewelers in Russia who mastered the skill of securing precious stones in platinum jewelry. In his work the master avoided traditional approaches to fastening. He knew how to present a precious stone from an unexpected perspective to highlight its nature. Works of contemporary jewelry art by jeweler restorer Gennady Aleksakhin were exhibited in the USA, Belgium, Israel, Japan.

On July 31, 2014, the jeweler restorer Gennady Aleksakhin was awarded the Order of Honor in the Catherine Hall of the Moscow Kremlin.

Works of the master