Mid-18th century

The exhibition features jewelry of the mid-18th century created during the reign of Empress Elizabeth. That time was an important step in the formation of the collection of the Diamond Fund. The mid-18th century jewelry is distinguished by joyful colors, fancy asymmetrical design and artful craftsmanship.

The Grand Bouquet is an example of decorations for the ceremonial dress of the Empress. Stylized flowers, such as wild roses, irises, daffodils and forget-me-nots made of diamonds, and leaves made of flat emeralds, are set on flexible golden stems at various levels and angles, thus creating a 3D effect. Due to the weight of the gems the flexible stems tremble, and at the slightest movement flowers and leaves quiver similar to a natural bunch of flowers. A unique natural pale purple diamond weighing 15.5 carat is set in a delicate frame in the center of the iris bud. The jeweler achieved a polychrome effect by placing pieces of multicolored foil under the diamonds.

You can learn more about jewels of this period at the exhibition.