Meetings with Masters of Jewellery and Decorative and Applied Art

Gohran Of Russia/ 2019-10-07

The Art of Jewellery : Traditions and Trends exhibition of jewellery, decorative and applied art, organized by the Gokhran of Russia with the support of the Moscow Government, will be held at the Moscow State Exhibition Hall “New Manege” on October 9-20, 2019. The exposition telling about the development of national jewellery art for over three centuries – from the 18th century until modern days – will take place in three halls. During the exhibition meetings with jewelers and representatives of jewellery, decorative and applied art as well as guided tours for exhibition guests will be held.

The schedule is subject to changes.



Wednesday, October 9


Lecture: Dr. Gaetano Cavalieri

President of the World Jewellery Confederation CIBJO

Development of the Global Jewellery Industry

Importance of jewellery industry for the development of national economies. Specifics of this industry from the economical point of view. The leading position of the Italian jewellery industry in the world. The main feature of jewellery industry in the advanced economies. The role of CIBJO in the development of harmonized sets of standards, practices and nomenclatures in the framework of international efforts aimed at ensuring integrity of the jewellery market and sustaining customer confidence.





Lecture: Katerina Perez

International jewellery reviewer

New Platforms for Jewellery Promotion and the Way They Work

Katerina Perez – who am I and how I became the “industry eye”. The channels I use to review jewellery, their features and differences in the audience. What is the “new mass media”, how it appeared and the way it benefits the jewellery industry, supports promotion and sales of jewellery. Why such famous designers as Wallace Chan, Michelle Ong, Suzanne Syz and others use Instagram. Cases of successful work with bloggers and the way to choose a good partner.


Thursday, October 10


Meeting with the representatives of the Small Business of Moscow and the Moscow Export Center

Means of support of the Moscow Government for the craftsmen of jewellery, decorative and applied art – subsidies, compensations, support of export.



Lecture: Alexey Shcherbina

Publisher of the Jewellery Review magazine, Chairman of the Jewellery Exporters Club

Is Export Billion Feasible in the Russian Jewellery Industry?

Regulatory measures which facilitate taking jewellery abroad for exhibitions and export sales. How to obtain government subsidies for participation in international exhibitions. Ways to coordinate the actions of companies.




Friday, October 11


Lecture: Elena Veselaya

Editor-in-Chief of the Jewellery catalogue, author of the “Diamonds Are Forever, or Who Does Not Wear Tiffany” novel

New Materials and Technologies in Jewellery Art

What is common between a Victorian bracelet, the genius Elephant Brooch by a French jeweller JAR and other modern jewellery? When did bakelite and other plastics, acryl and resins become a part of high jewellery art? Where is the line between costume jewellery, a “joke of a genius” and a work of art? What is carbon fiber? Micromosaic: new is well-forgotten old.



Lecture: Irina Slesareva

Editor-in-Chief of the Jewellery Review magazine, Art Director of the Russian Diamond Line competition

Trends of Jewellery Fashion in the Context of World Trade Shows

How the world jewellery industry works. A review of foreign exhibitions.


Saturday, October 12


Lecture: Gennady Sokolov

Chairman of Board of the Guild of the Edged-Weapon Craftsmen Artistic Union

The Revival of Armoury Art. Russia’s “special path”




Sunday, October 13


Lecture: Konstantin Chaykin

Russian inventor, watchmaker, founder of the Konstantin Chaykin Watch Manufacture

Watches as an Art

For already several centuries watches have been accompanying people everywhere. In course of time watches became so important to people that their making was no longer limited to simple traditional schemes. More and more complicated designs were created by watchmakers who really love their work. Surfaces of miniature mechanism details started to be decorated with pinpoint accuracy, creative approaches started to be used in decoration of watch cases. High watch-making art has not only changed the appearance of watches, but it also changed their purpose, granting them an ability to speak the language of artistic forms.



Master Class: Diana Gerasimova

Employee of the First Watch School

Master Class with Watches


Monday, October 14


Lecture: Dmitrii Samorukov

Acting member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences (EANS, Hannover, Germany), Master of the Russian Cutters Guild, Grand-Master of the American Cutters Guild

Creativity. Cutting as an Art

Dmitrii Samorukov is an award winner of the Australian World Championship among coloured stones cutters; of the international competition for best coloured stone design in Hong Kong; of the competitions of the American Cutters Guild; the winner of the competition of the Gokhran of Russia held in 2016 in the Skill of Artistic Cutting nomination. Recipient of three orders of the Memorial Fund Carl Faberge (the order of A.K. Denisov-Uralskii, F.P. Birbaum and C. Faberge with diamonds) and of the EANS Order of Honor, has been working as a cutter since 1993.


Tuesday, October 15


Lecture: Viktor Moiseikin

Jeweller, Head of MOISEIKIN Jewellery House

Setting Technique in Jewellery



Meet the Artist: Ilgiz Fazulzyanov

The world champion in jewellery design of 2011, 2013. Winner of numerous awards at the all-Russian and international competitions. The only Russian artist-jeweller whose works are stored at the permanent exhibition of the Moscow Kremlin Museums. Jewels Inspired by Nature personal exhibition at the Assumption Belfry of the Moscow Kremlin Museums on 31.03.2016-31.07.2016


Wednesday, October 16


Lecture: Larisa Zolotova

Jewellery designer, certified gemmologist, 3D designer

Modern Jewellery Design





Master Class: Ilgiz Fazulzyanov

Rough Sketches of Jewellery Items


Thursday, October 17


Forum: Art History and Restoration. Issues of Modern Studies of Art

Association of Young Art Historians and Restorers

Art historical, technical and technological methods of research. The future of the profession of an artist of the applied art. Attribution in decorative and applied arts. Restoration of historical and cultural objects. Fine arts and architecture. Applied arts and material culture. Museums and exhibition activity.



Round Table: Meeting of jewellers of Russia with young specialists

Association of Young Art Historians and Restorers

Modern artist: new technologies or old master secrets? Problems of modern restoration. Art institutes as a basis of the profession. Looking into the future of art research. Works of art attribution.


Friday, October 18


Lecture: Sergei Kolomiitsev

Director of the Creative Union of Artists of Decorative and Applied Art

Decorative and Applied Art





Lecture: Maxim Artsinovich

POSTFABERGE. Collector’s Perspective

100 years after the age of Faberge there are world level artists in Russia who are capable of creating objects of the highest level.


Saturday, October 19


Lecture: Lev Plotkin

The only master of burl art in Russia

More Precious than Gold. History of Burl Art



Lecture: Vadim Prygov

PhD in Fine Arts, historian of jewellery art, gemmologist

Florentine Mosaic in Russia and Europe. Usage of Mosaic Inlays in Jewellery Art

The Florentine mosaic art has reached unprecedented heights in our country owing to a wide diversity of national semi-precious raw materials and an almost two centuries old artistic tradition of this kind of the applied art. Currently objects of “painting in stone” are created both in monumental form (for example, mosaic panels in a number of halls of the Moscow metro stations) and in small forms (as inlays in jewellery items) and they know no equals in the world. During the lecture it is expected not only to provide brief review of the history of development of Florentine mosaic technique in Russia and Europe, but to characterize a group of modern craftsmen and their main achievements as well. A detailed description of the use of mosaic inlays in jewellery and mosaic dials in limited series of watches will be presented.




Sunday, October 20


Lecture: Irina Perfilyeva

Senior research scientist of the Scientific and Research Institute of the Russian Science Academy, PhD in Art Studies, author of the “Russian Jewellery Art of the 20th Century in the Context of European Artistic Traditions. 1920’s – 2000’s

Jewellery Art of the 2nd Half of the 20th Century – Early 21st Century as a New Kind of Modern Sculptural Arts



Lecture: Galina Ananyina

President of the Fund of Development of Jewellery Art, PhD in History

Looking into the Future while Being Proud of the Past


Guided tours:

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Spanish – October 9, 16 at 16:00

Italian – October 10, 17 at 16:00

German – October 11, 18 at 16:00

French – October 12, 19 at 16:00

Japanese – October 13, 20 at 16:00

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