Rules for Visiting the Diamond Fund Exhibition

Rules for Visiting the Diamond Fund Exhibition

  1. The Diamond Fund Exhibition is open daily except Thursday, from 10.00 to 18.15.
    Guided tours: 10.00, 10.20, 10.40, 11.00, 11.20, 11.40, 12.00, 12.20, 14.00, 14.20, 15.00, 15.20, 15.40, 16.00, 16.20, 16.40, 17.00, 17.20.
  2. Admission by paid tickets or invitation cards of the established form for the specified day and time. Expired tickets are invalid. The tickets are not refundable.
  3. For groups formed at the request of organizations, visiting the Exhibition is possible in an organized way with a guide. The duration of the excursion is 45-50 minutes.
  4. Tickets for the Diamond Fund Exhibition are sold in advance at the collective request of organizations. Individual tickets for a current tour are sold subject to availability. Tickets to the Exhibition can be bought at Ticket Office in Alexander Garden.
  5. Foreign tourists are allowed to visit the Exhibition on their own; audio guide is available.
  6. Children under the age of 16 can visit the Exhibition provided they have a ticket and are accompanied by parents.
  7. The following groups of people are eligible to visit the Exhibition free of charge provided they have a respective certificate:
    • Heroes of the Soviet Union;
    • Heroes of the Russian Federation;
    • Full Cavaliers of the Order of Glory;
    • veterans of World War II;
    • veterans of combat operations;
    • non-working disabled persons of groups I and II;
    • disabled children;
    • museum employees of the Russian Federation.
  8. The following groups of people have the right in purchasing the tickets on a priority basis:
    • employees of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation;
    • employees of the Gokhran of Russia;
    • employees of companies involved in mining.
  9. The following social groups have the right for discounts:
    • pensioners;
    • military personnel;
    • full-time students of primary, secondary, professional and higher education institutions;
    • large families.
  10. The admission of visitors to the Exhibition by invitation cards is supervised by an employee of the Exhibition who distributes visitors evenly in groups.
  11. Entrance to the Exhibition is not allowed: with weapons and other life and health threatening objects; wearing outdoor clothing; with suitcases, briefcases, attaché cases, gym bags or shopping bags (except handbags), gas sprays and other things or objects, the use of which can harmfully affect the security of the Exhibition.

    It is prohibited to use film, photo and video equipment, mobile communication devices, to distribute information and promotional materials in the showroom of the Exhibition.

    Things that are not allowed for carrying to the Exhibition area should be put into the storage-chamber in Alexander Garden.

    Outdoor clothing and other things must be left in the cloakroom of the Exhibition.

    At the entrance to the Exhibition, the security guards of the Exhibition conduct personal inspection of people and their belongings. They can also use technical means for inspection.
  12. It is not allowed to touch showcases, to speak in a loud voice. It is prohibited to make sketches (notes), to use voice recorders and other recording devices during the excursion.
  13. During the tour the visitors are not allowed to violate the established order of visiting the Exhibition. Violation of the established order implies:
    • cause or attempt to cause material damage to the Exhibition;
    • violation of public order in the halls and the lobby of the Exhibition (drinking, smoking, using low language, misbehaving);
    • failure to comply with the requirements set forth in items 10 and 11 of these Rules;
    • disobedience to reasonable demands of a guide, administrator or security officer aimed at prevention (stopping) of violation.
  14. In case of violation of the established order all the measures to remedy the situation can be applied to the violator according to the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  15. Maintaining public order, preventing and restraining violators at the Exhibition is provided by the Security. Control of the fulfillment of these Rules is assigned to the Security and the Administration of the Diamond Fund.